Being A Part Of The Experience #sol20


I am a huge fan of the UVa men’s basketball team.  As a “Double ‘Hoo” (UVa 2005, 2016), I love supporting the team.  This season, I’ve had the opportunity to go to three games.  On Saturday, I attended the game with our in-state rival, Virginia Tech, and it was amazing.  Not only did we have great seats, but the guys played so well and we ended up with a decisive victory.  It was such a fantastic game (for UVa fans, at least)!

While I enjoy the games that I watch on television, there is just something about sitting in the arena and being a part of the experience.  Listening to the chants from the student section, the band, the activities during the tv time-outs, seeing the players up close and personal are experiences that just cannot be captured fully through the television.

So, if you are a fan of any sport, I recommend going to an event at least once.  It’s an incredible feeling to support your team in person.  Being a part of the experience is pretty unforgettable!


1 thought on “Being A Part Of The Experience #sol20

  1. Darin Johnston

    I LOVE attending events like this in person. We try to make it to a University of Iowa football or basketball game each year because the atmosphere is just so electric! Last year, we attended a women’s basketball game where the arena was almost completely full. That was an amazing game because it set the NCAA record for attendance during the NCAA tournament!

    Thank you for sharing your experience (and your pictures) with us! 🙂



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