Lobster Two #sol19


I’ve read different articles and posts about using a different font when writer’s block strikes. Using Comic Sans was one of the fonts mentioned as a way to defeat writer’s block, but as I started to experiment, I found that Lobster Two worked really well for me. I don’t know exactly what it is about that particular font, but I’ve noticed an uptick in my word count and an increased feeling of accomplishment.  I notice that I’m a lot less uptight about my writing when I use a font like Lobster Two.  It doesn’t look all formal like Times New Roman, so maybe that helps.  Maybe I just like the way Lobster Two looks and that makes me feel a little more relaxed when writing.  Whatever the reason, though, Lobster Two seems to be working for me at this point!


2 thoughts on “Lobster Two #sol19

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    I am unfamiliar with that font. I’ll have to look it up. Is it the font you used for this post? It’s an interesting part to consider when we want to have different results from our writing. I’ll have to consider it in the future. Thanks! (Hope you are well!)



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