Today/Tomorrow at the VSRA conference #sol19



This post was inspired by fellow slicers Leigh Anne Eck and Elisabeth Ellington.  I’m at the Virginia State Reading Association’s annual conference and thought that this format would be a great way to think about my experiences.

Today is the second day of the Virginia State Reading Association’s annual conference.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and I’m not ready for it to end.

Today I had the opportunity to meet Josh Funk, Kate Messner, Phil Bildner, Greg Neri, Lamar Giles, Jordan Sonnenblick, Sarah Darer Littman, Jacqueline Jules, Natalie Dias Lorenzi, and Kim Norman.  I was reminded again of how kind and generous authors are and how willing they are to connect with their audience.  The memories that I’m making this week and the inspiring presentations have empowered me as a teacher and a person.

Tomorrow, I will have the opportunity to meet Katherine Applegate, Jess Keating, and Penny Kittle.  Today I wore shoes that made my feet hurt after a while.

Tomorrow, I will wear more comfortable shoes.

Today I enjoyed the conference with colleagues from school.

Tomorrow, they will leave to return home and even though I’ll see them on Monday, I’ll miss them!

Today I enjoyed cruising through the exhibit hall and discovered so many books that I need to have on my bookshelves.

Tomorrow, the exhibit hall will be closed, so my wallet will be able to rest.



6 thoughts on “Today/Tomorrow at the VSRA conference #sol19

  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    So glad you found this an inspirational format for a slice! The conference sounds like an incredible experience. I always come home recharged from literacy conferences. I try hard to only get the FREE books at conferences, but sometimes I just have to purchase too. Enjoy your final day of learning.

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  2. Wondering and Wandering

    Yeah! So glad you’ve had a good time and it appears to have been a great success. Authors are incredibly generous, wonderful humans. Aren’t they? Josh lives just down the road from me and we run into each other from time to time. He’s a great guy!


  3. paulabourque

    Those authors (and so many others) are incredibly generous and kind people.
    I was thinking how your ‘in the moment’ process of writing was sandwiched in between the today and tomorrow thoughts.
    Your writing held that space to think forward and back.
    Hope the conference was everything you hoped for. Enjoyed your slice!

    Liked by 1 person


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