Celebrations #sol15


I think that it’s important to reflect on and celebrate what’s happening in my classroom.  I like to think about all of the positive, wonderful things that I experience throughout the day.  I decided to identify and celebrate ten things that were great about my day.  They’re in no particular order, except how they randomly popped into my head.

1.  I have now written for 25 straight days thanks to #sol15.

2.  A kindergarten student told me that he loved coming to my classroom.

3.  I have a wonderful new classroom computer that doesn’t require each student to log in separately.

4.  Two of my students are making nice progress with long vowel patterns.

5.  I submitted my project proposal for my graduate class.  I have been wrestling with choosing an experimental design, but finally decided to use a repeated measures design when evaluating concept of word scores.

6.  I heard a student chuckle as she finished Doctor De Soto and realized what Doctor De Soto did to the fox.  I love to see a child enjoying a book!

7.  A student who hates to read (his words) has gotten hooked on the Lunch Lady graphic novels.  We had such a great conversation about this series and I told this student about getting to meet the author (Jarrett Krosoczka) at VSRA.

8.  One of my students was working on a math sheet with a peer in the hall where I could hear them.  He was reading a word problem and came across a tricky word.  When he figured it out, I heard him tell his peer that “Ms. Floyd taught me that.” Those words put a smile on my face as I sat at my table.  Sometimes, eavesdropping can be good:)

9.   I have downloaded several books from Netgalley that I look forward to reading.  I’ll be ready to dive into one of them when I get home from class this evening.

10.  A kindergarten student identified three more letters and sounds today!

It’s been a great day!


8 thoughts on “Celebrations #sol15

  1. Leigh Anne

    It is the little things that matter the most when we take the time to celebrate. Yes, I agree with Elsie, you should join Ruth and many of us who celebrate on Saturdays!


  2. Stacey Shubitz

    Those are ten wonderful things worthy of celebrating! Congratulations on your writing streak, being the kind of teacher who positively impacts students, and for teaching and going to grad school at the same time. That’s TOUGH BUSINESS! I went back for my second master’s part-time while teaching and those were two really long (albeit wonderful and educational) years.


  3. mrssurridge

    It’s the little things that help us know we actually do make a difference. I love that you heard one of your students tell another that you had taught him how to sound out words. That is cause for celebration.



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