The images around me-#sol15


I have always loved photography.  I love to capture images at any time or any place.  Sometimes, I have to stop during my commute to and from class to record what I see.  Other times, I’ll notice something during my day that I feel compelled to record.  Several of my family members cringe whenever they see me with a camera and I feel sure that some of them rue the day that the camera phone was invented!  After going through my iPhoto album, I decided to include some of those images as a part of today’s slice.


My drive home from class last week.


The view from a window at my grandparents’ house.


Another image from my drive to class.


The river near my school


An image from my drive home from school.


Taken from the parking lot at my school.


Looking out of the plane window on the way to Dallas.


4 thoughts on “The images around me-#sol15

  1. elsie

    I love incorporating images into my posts (you may have noticed). I usually need it to support my words. I love the sunset and the rainbow picture. You have an awesome view in your everyday world.



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