Thinking of what to write-#sol15


I struggled with what to write about today.  I flipped through my blank book, but nothing jumped out at me.  I tried a word cloud activity mentioned by another slicer in a blog post from earlier this week, but that didn’t help either.  I started a post, then deleted the words.  I thought about my day, and how I spent the day finalizing a presentation that I will give on Thursday at the VSRA Conference.  This is a conference that I look forward to attending each year.  In the twelve years that I’ve been a reading specialist, I think that I’ve only missed two conferences.  I love this conference because I’ve had the opportunity to listen to amazing speakers like Nell Duke, Richard Allington, Donalyn Miller, Tim Rasinski, and so many more! I have also attended sessions led by amazing teachers from all across the Commonwealth.  We have some pretty incredible educators sharing their knowledge!  Every year, I return home with so many new ideas and always feel so invigorated after interacting with so many educators who are so passionate about literacy instruction.

This year, I am presenting as a part of one of the pre-conference literacy institutes.  My presentation focuses on using web tools to support literacy instruction and parent involvement.  I love anything to do with technology and figuring out how to integrate technology and literacy has become one of my pet projects.  I love finding new tools and figuring out how they can enhance my instruction and I enjoy sharing those ideas with other teachers.  Hopefully, the teachers who attend my session will walk away with additional tools to keep in their instructional toolkits.

As I look at what I have just written, I am a little surprised, but happy.  When I first started this post, I didn’t have a topic and my mind felt blank.  I was worried that I would just end up writing “I don’t know what to write” over and over.

9 thoughts on “Thinking of what to write-#sol15

  1. elsie

    Perhaps you could highlight some of the tools you like best and show examples when you are stuck for an idea. After the conference you will have several days worth of posts if you reflect on the learning you gained.


  2. Julie Johnson

    This struggle of not know what to write about happens to me every year too. It’s a good lesson for us. I think it helps us better understand what it’s like for our young writers when they get stuck for an idea.



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