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Word Choices #sol15


During a recent conversation, I mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t seen a particular segment on the morning news because I was on my way to school at that time of day.   As the words came out of my mouth, I realized something that I don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention to before: I never say, “I am going to work” or “I missed work because I was sick” or “I was late leaving work.”  Instead, I include the word “school” in place of the word “work.”

I considered my choice of words and concluded that this is a way for me to show that teaching is not just a job for me.  Being a teacher is more than showing up, going through the motions, and collecting a paycheck.  School is more than just a place where I spend eight hours a day (or more) during the weekdays (and some weekends, too), but is an integral part of my life.  I am passionate about being a reading specialist and I consider being able to work with my kids a tremendous gift.  The words “job” or “work” simply cannot fully express how I feel.  So, I’ll continue to talk about “going to school” or having “a great day at school” and keep the words “job” and “work” out of my vocabulary!

Saturday afternoon at school-#sol15


My classroom on a Saturday afternoon is a great place to work.  I have so many things that I need to accomplish, from lesson plans and preparing materials to writing a research plan for next week’s class.  When I work at home, I often allow myself to be distracted, but at school, those distractions are minimal.  Plus, at school I have a huge, horseshoe-shaped table where I can spread everything out that I’m working on.

The building is so quiet and the halls are dim.  The only sounds that I hear is the hum of my mini-fridge and the clicking of the computer keys.  I have a cup of tea and a few snacks handy.  The articles that I am using in my research project are spread out beside me.  When I need a break from that, I switch gears and work on my lesson plans, organize my materials, make any copies, work on files, and basically just get organized for the coming week.  As my schedule has been pretty intense recently, the few hours that I spend here on the weekend allow me to greet Monday morning with a smile and a feeling of anticipation.

Celebrating Monday (March 9)-#sol15


In a previous post, I wrote about a hashtag focused on celebrating Mondays and thought that I’d share some of the things that I celebrated  at school today.

FIrst, it was great to have a full day of school! We’ve had few full days in the past three weeks, so getting to see all of my students throughout the day made me very happy! It was also nice to see the kids pick right back up where we left off last week before it snowed.

I’m also celebrating one of my students who has the writing bug thanks to Kidblog.  This student comes into my classroom every day asking, “Are we going to blog today?” or stating that she has something that she wants to blog about.  She also loves to comment on other students’ blogs.

In addition, I am celebrating the growth of one of my new students.  At the beginning of the year, this student was only using  beginning and ending sounds when decoding and spelling words.  We are now working with long vowels:)

There is so much to celebrate on this Monday! It’s great to start the week off on a positive note!