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Celebrating Monday (March 9)-#sol15


In a previous post, I wrote about a hashtag focused on celebrating Mondays and thought that I’d share some of the things that I celebrated  at school today.

FIrst, it was great to have a full day of school! We’ve had few full days in the past three weeks, so getting to see all of my students throughout the day made me very happy! It was also nice to see the kids pick right back up where we left off last week before it snowed.

I’m also celebrating one of my students who has the writing bug thanks to Kidblog.  This student comes into my classroom every day asking, “Are we going to blog today?” or stating that she has something that she wants to blog about.  She also loves to comment on other students’ blogs.

In addition, I am celebrating the growth of one of my new students.  At the beginning of the year, this student was only using  beginning and ending sounds when decoding and spelling words.  We are now working with long vowels:)

There is so much to celebrate on this Monday! It’s great to start the week off on a positive note!