It’s that time of the year #sol23

It’s that time of the year when my fifth grade boys seem to discover colognes and body sprays. Last week, I thought I caught a whiff on a cologne, but today it was more than a whiff. It was a full scale assault on my sinuses! I even started sneezing and thank goodness there were tissues right beside me. It was a powerfully strong smell that lingered in my room well after this fifth grader left. My next group of third grader girls were not impressed with the smell and immediately recognized it. I wish that I’d written down exactly what M said when she walked in because it was funny and along the lines of “smelling man spray.”

So, we’ll have to see if this student is wearing the scent again tomorrow. I may need to be proactive and have the window cracked!


8 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year #sol23

  1. Robin Lapacek

    I teach junior high physical education and you smell many smells in the gym before and after class. They try to cover up their stinky smells with cologne and perfume by spraying a whole bottle on them. Let me tell you it doesn’t work. Now they just have multiple smells on them.

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  2. hannanabanana

    Hahah those boys trying to figure it out! Some grown men still put on too much if I’m honest 😉 I remember learning how to do makeup and not having the right skin tone haha. It’s all about trying but can be tough on the teachers for sure :p

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