Honeymoon Planning #sol23

While Mike and I have now been married for six months, we are just now planning our honeymoon. We decided to go to Tennessee during my Spring Break and today we made reservations for the most adorable cabin in Pigeon Forge. We’ve also started planning our itinerary, too.

I’m so excited about the trip. We haven’t traveled together in a long time and we’ve both been so busy, so having this quality time together will be wonderful. The cabin has a beautiful view of the mountains and I can just imagine us sitting on the deck at sunset.

So now I’ve started a countdown to our departure date and we’ve been doing some research on the area. We’re checking out all of the fun things to do and making the plans is so much fun! We’ve been sending each other links every time we find something interesting. I am a planner when it comes to traveling, so this is right up my alley! Now, just waiting until our departure date…


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