From cranky to celebratory #sol23

I’ve been cranky today because the pinched nerve in my neck has been hurting a lot. In order to combat my crankiness, I decided that I needed to think about the things that I could celebrate instead of focusing on the literal pain in my neck (and shoulder and arm).

I decided to celebrate a fresh haircut. It’s been probably a year since my last haircut, so it was long past due. It feels so nice and looks so much better!

I also want to celebrate receiving the title to my car after making the final payment. It seems like it has taken so long to get that piece of paper!

The delicious mini cheesecake from the grocery store deli deserves to be celebrated, too. It was just enough to satisfy my craving for cheesecake while not wreaking too much havoc with my blood sugar.

The Kids Baking Championship is also something to celebrate. When I couldn’t sleep last night because of my pinched nerve, I watched the DVR recording and enjoyed watching some incredibly talented young bakers compete.

The UVa men’s and women’s basketball teams also made my celebration lists. I haven’t watched the women’s team much in the past, but the new dynamic coach has prompted me to pay more attention to that team. I’ve enjoyed getting to know these young women and watching them compete. I continue to enjoy watching the men’s team. Kihei Clark is something else!

I’m glad that I chose to reflect on some celebrations instead of thinking only about my pain in the neck!


2 thoughts on “From cranky to celebratory #sol23

  1. Anita Ferreri

    First, I wish you relief from the pain and discomfort of a pinched nerve. I cannot imagine how this has impacted your day to day life as well as your work and family; however, your post reminded us all of the celebrations that we can find, IF WE LOOK HARD, amidst the discomfort. I have missed 2 recent haircut appointments due to COvid and coughing….I so can appreciate this celebration!


  2. Debbie Lynn

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pain in the neck, as I can relate with my pain in the knee. I love your mini celebrations and do believe it’s the little moments that give us great joy. Feel better soon! 🙂



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