Mini-slices #sol23

Today was one of those days when I had a variety of topics to write about, so I’m touching on them all as “mini” slices.

I was out for several days last week and we were two hours late yesterday, so today was the first day that I had one of my fifth graders. B is an avid hunter and loves to share hunting stories with me. He also knows that my husband is a hunter, so he regularly asks me about Mike’s hunting experiences and what Mike’s captured on his trail cameras. One of the first things out of his mouth was a question about Mike’s final day of hunting season before asking what Mike got for Christmas. He was excited about the Cabela’s gift cards that I mentioned!

Today would have been my parents’ forty-seventh anniversary. I know that this is a bittersweet day for my Mom as she both remembers and misses my Dad. I always give thanks that they found each other and had twenty-seven wonderful years together.

I spent several hours this afternoon and evening participating in CPR training. I appreciate the two school nurses who gave up their evenings to train us. They worked hard to make the information accessible and practical, which I appreciate. We have really awesome school nurses in our division!

I have a new interactive panel (I think that is what it’s called) in my classroom and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with it and getting familiar with what it can do.

My principal and I are working on a plan for a Little Free Library for our school. Mike has offered to donate his time to build our library and we’re exploring grants to fund the materials for it. I’m excited about this opportunity for our community!

As I reflected on these mini-slices, I realized that I had a lot to think about and write about today. I may have to take one of these mini-slices and develop it into a full-blown piece of writing!


4 thoughts on “Mini-slices #sol23

  1. Alice

    I like the idea of mini-slices. I had a Little Free Library at my elementary campus and recently found out a group of volunteers has selected my middle school campus to have one installed. They’re such fun to fill with books. Looking forward to seeing how it comes along.


  2. Maureen Young Ingram

    Mini-slices are great brainstorming for longer writing topics! I am struck by how long your Mom has been without your Dad, if I did the math correctly – 20 years? How hard this must have been for you, too, 20 years ago. Yes, a bittersweet anniversary.


  3. Ramona

    I think I’m also in the mini-slices mode. I shared several enchantments from the past week.
    CPR training! That reminds me that it’s time to renew my learning.
    I love Little Free Libraries. May the one at your school thrive and feed young readers.



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