Currently #sol22

I’m dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing a lot of pain, so today’s slice will be fairly short. I decided to write a post based on a favorite format.

Currently, I am…

Listening to…the sound of water as Mike rinses the supper dishes.

Drinking…icy water and crunching the ice (I know I shouldn’t do that, but I can’t resist!).

Thinking about…taking a nap.

Excited about…UVa is playing tonight, but the game isn’t until 9:00. I’m getting too old for 9:00 tip-offs! I think a Power Nap will definitely be necessary!

Wondering…where is the remote? I hope it’s within arm’s reach because I just got comfortable.

Thankful for…my new recliner and how cozy it is!


7 thoughts on “Currently #sol22

  1. cmhutter

    First, I hope you have relief from the pinched nerve pain. Secondly, thank you for reminding me about the Currently, I am prompt. I used to enjoy responding to that but have not done that for a long time. Off to my journal now….

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