A Necessary Nap #sol22

The Virginia-Michigan game tips off at 9:35 tonight. Actually, I’m watching the beginning of the game as I write this. I don’t like waiting until 9:30ish to slice, but I took a nap (and a long one at that) in order to be able to sit up to watch the game. I really don’t think that I could make it through a basketball game starting at that time of night because that’s when I’m usually trying to wind down and think about going to bed. Even with caffeine, I don’t think that I could last much past 10:00, especially on a school night.

The nap was nice, if a little long. I’m in the recliner in front of the t.v. and the team is on the floor. I have a glass of tea beside me and I’m sure that I’ll go trolling for snacks when the first commercial pops up. Now that I’m all rested, I’m going to enjoy watching my guys! Go ‘Hoos!


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