Giving Thanks on Tuesday #sol22

Today, my whole school ate lunch together and shared the things that we’re thankful for before embarking on our Thanksgiving break. It’s always inspiring to hear about 145 students (from kindergarten through fifth grade) and staff members share all of the things for which they are thankful.

I am thankful for “girls nights” with my Mom. Yesterday, both of us had a challenging day, so we met for dinner and soon the stress of the day was replaced by laughter (and a lot of food). I appreciate those times with Mom!

I am thankful for a husband who cooks dinner, even when he’s had a long day. I appreciate his time in front of the stove and the delicious meals that he prepares. Tonight, we had grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing and it was wonderful!

I am thankful for my teacher friends at school. They don’t know how often they inspire me and encourage me and make me laugh. They make our school a wonderful place.

I am thankful for my students. Watching them learn and grow

I am thankful for the UVa men’s basketball team. Watching these talented players brings me so much joy! While I know the past week has been hard on them as a part of the UVa community, they came together and played their hearts out.

I am thankful for the next five days when I can rest and recharge my batteries. There are books to read, television to catch up on, and memories to make with my family.


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