Currently #sol22

Currently, I am…

Watching…absolutely nothing. Is it college basketball season yet? I’m ready to watch my ‘Hoos!

Reading…my School Law textbook.

Eating…nothing (yet), but I’m considering a snack! I’ve gotten hooked on this peanut butter/brownie bar cookie that my Mom just started baking and it’s so good!

Listening to…the clinking of the dishes. Mike volunteered to do dish duty so that I could get some work done. My workload has been heavy and he’s done so much around the house to free up my time.

Drinking…iced tea and crunching the ice (even though I know that’s bad).

Thinking about…my School Law assignments that are due next week.

Excited about…starting to write in the new notebook that my secret pal at school left on my desk!

4 thoughts on “Currently #sol22

  1. NYOCW

    Law school?

    That definitely calls for a peanut butter/brownie bar cookie!

    I like the “currently” approach. It = the quintessential slice of life. 🍊



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