The same dress #sol22

I had stretched out on the couch and was idly scrolling through my phone. Occasionally, I’d share something funny with Mike and then continue scrolling. He stopped at one point and asked me if I’d shared the link to my Tuesday blog (which I often do, especially if he’s been mentioned). I sat up straight and bellowed, “Oh, no! It’s Tuesday!” At this point, it was after 8:00. So I grabbed my laptop and began to type.

I don’t often wear dresses. In fact, I tend to wear the same types of things every day. It’s become a uniform of sorts, I suppose. For example, in warm weather, I typically wear capris (although they aren’t really capris on me since I’m so short) and short-sleeved shirts (I have a variety of colors). I had a PD day with folks from across the county, so I wanted to look nice (or at least nicer). I had a new casual black dress, so I wore it. Unfortunately my ankle braces took away from the look, but overall, it was a positive change from my usual attire.

When I arrived at the high school for the meeting, I was in for a surprise. I wasn’t the only person wearing this dress. My principal was wearing the exact same dress in the same color and one of the other principals wore the gray version of the dress. We had a good chuckle over our wardrobe coordination and in hindsight, I wish that we’d have snapped a photo.

Then, one of the teachers from my school mentioned that she had the same (black) dress and had thought about wearing it, but was concerned that the room would be too chilly for it. I can’t wait for the day at school when we all end up choosing that same dress!

1 thought on “The same dress #sol22

  1. Morgan Davis

    Love it! How it was a stepping-out-of-your-usual that brought you together with people. This happened at my school last year with a pink dress (I hope yours, too, had pockets!) and the teachers were great sports, posting a “Who Wore It Best” in the teachers’ lounge! So glad your husband reminded you to post!



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