The Left-Behind Laptop #sol22

I had camped out at Mom’s kitchen table to work on some edits for an article that will hopefully appear in a journal later this year. I had my notes, pen, and laptop, in addition to some amazing Red Velvet cookies. I worked busily for a couple of hours until time to leave for a doctor’s appointment. I left everything on the table because I intended to return after my appointment to work some more (and to sample the practice wedding cake that Mom made).

By the time I arrived at the medical building, I had a message, marked “Time Sensitive” on my phone’s screen. It said, “‘Jennifer’s MacBook Pro’ left behind.” The message continued to state that “this device is no longer detected near you. It was last seen near (insert address). This message floored me because I had never received one like this before. I assume it’s due to some setting on my new laptop, which I haven’t had very long, and the fact that I wasn’t at my house. At least I now know that I’m not going to get very far without my laptop!

4 thoughts on “The Left-Behind Laptop #sol22

  1. Erika

    Haha- I have a new phone and laptop and keep getting those messages too- I have adjusted the settings because I do not need them until I do!



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