Random Thoughts #sol22

I’m full of random thoughts today.

Random Thought #1: I’m really enjoying Lynne Olson’s Last Hope Island and have stayed up way too late reading it the last few nights. If you’re interested in World War II, this is a book for you!

Random Thought #2: Being a forty-something bride looking for a simple wedding dress has been challenging, especially when I’m not a size three like I was when I was a twenty-something bride:)

Random Thought #3: My best writing time this summer has been between 10 p.m. and midnight. I’ve been so productive during those hours, but I know that schedule is probably not going to be sustainable in the fall.

Random Thought #4: For the next six weeks, I have to wear ankle braces and go to physical therapy with the hope that I’ll be able to avoid ankle surgery. The braces are really bulky and I have a hard time getting them on. It’s a workout!

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #sol22

  1. Book Dragon

    I like the idea of random thought for a SOL post. It gives insight to how complex our lives are with a myriad of moving parts. I hope the ankle braces do the trick, and your ankles recovered in time for your wedding.


  2. NYOCW

    How did I skip the stage where I got to be a Size 3. I don’t remember ever being that size! I also like the list of random thoughts. It captures the way the mind works and it’s fun to read. Excited for you and your imminent wedding.



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