You Know You’re Getting Older When…#sol22

I celebrated a birthday yesterday and now I am closer to fifty than I am to forty. I realized that I am definitely getting older when I got so excited that all of the socks matched up when I folded the laundry this afternoon. The socks never match up completely, or at least they never seem to do so. I cannot remember the last time when this happened. I even checked the floor around the dryer to make sure that I hadn’t missed a lone sock, but everything was clear.

Now, I’m thinking about all of the other little things that might also signify that I’m getting older. I’m noticing that I have to hold things out further to read them, especially if they include small print. I recently got excited over a deal on new sheets and I was just checking out vacuum cleaners and comparing them online for the best deal. These are little things, but the younger version of me would not have been excited about matching pairs of socks, sheets, and vacuum cleaners!

4 thoughts on “You Know You’re Getting Older When…#sol22

  1. Melanie Meehan

    What’s the deal on sheets? I’m about to be closer to 60 than 50, so I definitely want to know! Love how you move from sock matching to more important reflections of feeling older. (Just wait for the growing aches and pains! But there’s also wisdom to celebrate!)


  2. Darin Johnston

    We both are 51 and have loved the “cheater” reading glasses. The only problem, I’m going to have to get real glasses soon, my eyes are changing big time.

    Socks, vacuums, and the “good sale” are a sure sign of getting older, but the experiences cannot be forgotten either! I’m sure you’ll write about some of those too! 🙂

    Happy birthday!



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