The first fawn of the year #sol22

I’ve been anxiously waiting to see this year’s crop of fawns. I love this time of the year when fawns are born and I love catching little glimpses of them with their mothers. We recently started our evening rides looking for deer and while we’ve seen plenty of does and a few small bucks, we haven’t yet seen a fawn.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at the dining room table at Mike’s house and happened to glance out to the backyard. Mike has a fairly sizeable backyard bounded by fields. The farmer who leases the fields had mowed some of the fields, but not the small area directly behind the house. Anyway, some movement caught my eye and I immediately hopped out of my chair when I realized that it was a fawn moving along the edge of the yard and the field. Mike was out on the front porch, so after watching the fawn for a moment and snapping a photo, I hustled through the living room, opened the front door and excitedly announced that we had our first fawn of the year. By the time Mike arrived in the dining room, the fawn had disappeared into the tall grass, but I had several photos to show off.

Since yesterday, I have been drawn to every window on the back of the house, hoping to catch another glimpse of the fawn, but nothing yet. I’m looking forward to setting up the trail camera in the backyard to see what images we’ll be able to capture now!

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