Hey, Mr. (or Ms.) Rabbit! #sol22

I pulled into the driveway and paused my audiobook. As I prepared to exit the car, I noticed a rabbit nibbling contentedly on grass. It had rained earlier today, so I’m sure the grass tasted delicious to him (or her). I expected the rabbit to notice me and hop away, but this rabbit must have been enjoying the meal. He looked at me and continued to eat, jaws working furiously. I sat for a few moments, not wanting to get out of the car, scaring the rabbit, and then ruining the rabbit’s meal. The rabbit glanced at me a few times, chewed the grass, and seemed unconcerned about my presence. The rabbit didn’t stop eating when Mike pulled his truck in next to me. It wasn’t until Mike got out of his truck that the rabbit moved. The rabbit seemed to be determined to not let anything disturb his meal. And, when the rabbit finally did move, it did not seem to be in any hurry!

1 thought on “Hey, Mr. (or Ms.) Rabbit! #sol22

  1. Book Dragon

    I like how your slice focuses in on one specific moment. That rabbit zeroed in on his meal. You were a bystander to his feast.



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