I ate the cookies-oops! #sol22

My Mom is an incredible baker. She makes the best cookies, cakes…you name it, she can make it and it will be delicious. Recently, she’s been making the most divine red velvet cookies. I could eat an endless supply of those red velvet cookies. And of course, I cannot forget to mention her chocolate chip cookies and another double chocolate cookies that are a part of her repertoire.

We met in town to run some errands together on a day when she’d been baking. When I hopped into her car after school, she handed me a bag of cookies. I immediately grabbed a cookie and started munching. The cookies were small and very, very tasty, so after finishing one, I pulled another from the bag. I’m not sure exactly how many cookies were in the bag (and did I mention that they were small?) and I hadn’t had much for lunch. Before I knew it, there were maybe two cookies (and they were small) left in the bag.

Mom and I finished our errands and I headed to Mike’s house. Later on, when I talked to Mom, she asked me if Mike liked the cookies. My response was, “I was supposed to share the cookies?”

“You ate them all?” she asked incredulously. I glanced at the bag with two (small) cookies.

“They were small!”

“You were supposed to share with Mike!”

“I was hungry and they were small cookies. And they were really good!” I could envision Mom shaking her head. Now, when she bakes cookies, she makes sure to remind me that I need to share the cookies and she checks with Mike to ensure that he gets a share of any cookies that she bakes. We have had a good laugh over this!

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