Auditions for OLW #sol22

I’ve been thinking a lot about my One Little Word (OLW) for 2022. Part of me wants to hang on to “confident,” my word from last year. I feel like that’s a word that I still need to keep close. However, the word “persistent” keeps clamoring for attention. Every time that I think about another word, persistent keeps popping up. For some reason, “persistent” has been a really persistent word on my list!

OLWs are like the charms on my bracelet. As I add one, it has its own story and its own reason for being on the bracelet. However, I’m pretty new to having an OLW, so my OLW “bracelet” is still kind of sparse. Maybe that’s another reason for not letting go of “confident” while also adding a new word like “persistent.” Maybe I need to think about how these words coexist and can all provide encouragement.

I also think of the process of selecting my OLW as an audition. I’ve reminded myself that it is okay to try out a word to see if it fits. Maybe it’s the perfect “charm” on my “bracelet.” Maybe it’s not the right charm at the right time. I need to remember why I’m taking the time to select an OLW. The audition process has to be careful and meaningful if the word is to make a true impact.

3 thoughts on “Auditions for OLW #sol22

  1. Terje

    I have always thought of OLW process as choosing or finding a word, or a word finding me. I like how your words audition.The trial period makes sense too. And I agree that we can have supportive words. I know that some people don’t choose a one word but might have 12 words, one for each month of the year.


  2. Karen

    I really like the idea of OLWs being charms on a bracelet. It’s a great metaphor; we live with them and carry each one with us even after we have moved on to another year.


  3. Tim Gels

    I agree with Karen — that is a great metaphor for something one chooses to carry with them on a daily basis. I don’t have a OLW, but love your idea of “auditioning” them. I might have to try a few on for size!



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