A reader’s dilemma #sol21

I ordered a book for Mike for Christmas and just received the notification that it’s on its way. I think that he’s going to enjoy the book…but I now have a dilemma. You see, I’ve been wanting to read this book, too, and I am so tempted to peek at it (okay, read it) before wrapping it. Yes, I know that I’m horrible for even thinking about reading a book that’s intended as a gift, but it is so incredibly tempting to sneak a peek or two (or more). He wouldn’t mind if I checked it out first…I do need to make sure that it is a good book. I really wouldn’t want to gift a “bad” book!

At least the book hasn’t arrived yet, so it’s still just a thought…

3 thoughts on “A reader’s dilemma #sol21

  1. carlambrown

    Dear Wahoo…

    Read away! What harm is there in peeking? What crime exists in finishing it before it’s gifted? I would contend that you could deepen the beauty of your gift by already preparing to listen intently and share your perspective!

    How often do we read a good book and wish that someone had read it as well so that we could discuss it at length; compare our thoughts; express our sentiments and takeaways? It’s hard to do that if the person with whom we’re conversing has yet to traverse those pages – but, if you’ve ALREADY read it, you’ll be ripe with responses for the loveliest conversations immediately after his completion, no delay needed (smile)!

    You strike me as an avid reader, and I imagine you could consume that text quickly and discreetly. Why deny yourself such an innocent pleasure. I’m sure you’ve earned it.

    May your reading me be most pleasurable and guilt free! It is endearing that you thought to gift him with a beautiful book that you could both enjoy.

    ~Carla Michelle


  2. Karen

    I am laughing really hard over here. b Thank goodness my husband and I have very different taste in reading, or I would be having the same dilemma! Suggestion: Buy yourself the ebook. 😉



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