“I wish I could go with Miss Floyd.” #sol21

This morning, as I ducked into the workroom to retrieve a stack of copies before picking up a fourth grader, I heard the sweetest thing.

“I wish I could go with Miss Floyd!” I heard someone say. I was halfway in the workroom and the fourth graders were lined up outside of their classroom. I couldn’t tell who said those sweet words, but they made my day. While my younger students are often anxious to visit my classroom, older kids are not usually that enthusiastic. Most, if not all of them, realize by fourth grade why students travel to my classroom daily. Now, my kids don’t usually complain about their time with me, but I understand how they might feel. As a result, I try to make their time with me enjoyable, but I know that deep down, they probably wish that they didn’t have to come to my class. I also know not to take those feelings personally. However, it did feel so nice to know that someone thought that my classroom sounded interesting enough to want to visit. Those words have stayed with me all day!

3 thoughts on ““I wish I could go with Miss Floyd.” #sol21

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    How lovely to overhear this! That, too, would make my day.

    I’m sure you’ve made it enjoyable for many kids to be in your room. Perhaps there’s a whole cadre of kids who wish they could come with you. Passion about a subject and the joy of teaching are apparent to kids. It’s hard to fake it.


  2. Darin Johnston

    What an awesome slice to share with us today! I’ll echo those above me: What a great thing to have over heard and I hope you have more moments like this one!

    I speaks to you as as educator that students are drawn to your classroom and your teaching!



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