A Dog In The Parking Lot #sol21

Recently, I wrote about my observations while sitting in the grocery store parking lot. I mentioned the new Italian restaurant that was in the same area. Well, I finally gave in and ordered dinner from that restaurant yesterday after school. When I pulled into a parking space in front of the restaurant, I glanced over to see this guy. At first, he didn’t pay any attention to me. Then, I just had to roll down the window and say hello. He did, at least, turn in my direction, but seemed unimpressed. He had completely disappeared from view by the time I returned with my boxes of food. I don’t know if he wanted to avoid my conversation again or if he knew how tempting the smells would be from my boxes. I was actually kind of glad that he wasn’t watching me as I loaded the car. I don’t think that I could have taken a hungry dog’s sad look at me!

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