Sitting in a parking lot #sol21

I just finished writing a paper for my Educational Leadership class, so I initially struggled a bit with writing tonight’s blog post. My brain feels slightly fried, especially since this paper is one that I’ve been immersed in for nearly a week. However, a short trip to the grocery store ended up providing me with some ideas.

I rode with Mom to the grocery store and since she was just getting a few items, I stayed in the car. Normally, I would grab my phone and either check my email or read with my Kindle app, but something stopped me from reaching for it. Instead, I sat there quietly, watching everything around me. There was a man washing windows at Harbor Freight. It was almost hypnotic watching the motions. Then, there was the older man with the antique truck (and I just realized that what is now considered an antique truck is the type of truck popular when I was a child!). He proudly showed off his truck to a man and lady who had exited the grocery store. I couldn’t decide if the older man knew this couple or if they just wanted to show their appreciation for the vehicle.

I saw one family with two precious little girls, one riding in the race car section of the grocery cart. Most of the people going in and out, though were individuals and not part of a group. Most people had only a few items in their carts, if they even had a cart at all.

Whenever I glanced in the rearview mirror, the sign for the new Italian restaurant seemed to grab my attention. Thinking of the Lemoncillo cake, I almost sprinted across the parking lot to grab a slice (and maybe a Stromboli, too). I’d already had supper, but…

When I saw Mom leaving the store, I breathed a sigh of relief. The Italian restaurant’s siren song would have to tempt me on another day. She slipped into the car and we headed home.

2 thoughts on “Sitting in a parking lot #sol21

  1. sallydonnelly11

    Your post shows the importance of pausing and simply being present. Watching, really watching all the many details. So glad you didn’t grab your phone. So much, right in front of you!! Thanks for sharing. And I do hope soon you return for an Italian treat!!



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