Random Thoughts About The Day #sol21

The best part of my day…chatting about deer with my new student, B. B loves everything outdoors and it’s given me a way to connect with him thanks to my significant other, who’s an avid outdoorsman.

Something that has surprised me…I’ve been watching NBA Summer League games and NFL Preseason games to see some of my favorite UVa players. I don’t typically watch or follow either, but Mamadi Diakite, Kyle Guy, and Bryce Perkins were playing and it was awesome to see them again!

Something that didn’t surprise me…It is incredibly hot outside. We did a fire drill this afternoon and the temperature is in the 90s. The weatherman was really depressing this morning!

Something that made me laugh…The neighbor’s cat who thinks my house is his second home. He tries to sneak in whenever the door is cracked open even the least little bit.

Something that I’m looking forward to…I can’t wait to go home and rest. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with an earache and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Something that I’m nervous about…I’m starting a program that will (hopefully) lead to a certificate in Educational Leadership. I haven’t taken a class in a long time (Maybe spring of 2015?)

Something that surprised me…I didn’t finish all of my McDonald’s iced tea this morning! That never happens.

Something that warmed my heart…I watched our amazing SLP comfort a student who was scared during today’s fire drill. She has such an amazing way with our kids!

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