Household chores can bring joy #sol21

I was vacuuming the carpets and admiring the neat lines when I stopped in the middle of the floor. What was I doing? When did I start admiring vacuumed carpets? So, I started thinking about other things that are a regular part of “adulting” that actually bring me joy. And, I’ll have to admit, creating this list made me stop and pause and even shake my head sometimes!

1. A folded and stacked pile of laundry gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I also love the sight of an empty laundry basket.

2. An empty dish drainer puts a smile on my face. Again, there is a sense of accomplishment when that happens because the dishes and silverware are stacked neatly in the kitchen cabinets and everything is in its place.

3. I love a sparkling clean bathroom, especially when you can still smell the scent of the cleaner. Everything just feels so fresh!

4. The hot, soapy water feels so nice when I wash the dishes. The hot water always feels so good on my hands and seems to relax me

My list is a little unusual and as I reflect on this more, I’m sure that I will add some other chores that can be joyful. I’m curious to see how this list evolves!

10 thoughts on “Household chores can bring joy #sol21

  1. kflockhart

    Yes! I am with you on all this. Especially the folded laundry and clean sink part. I would add that I feel satisfaction in emptying the smaller garbages into the big one, having a place for recycling to belong, and wasing the floor. When did chores become so satisfying? I enjoyed, and appreciated, your “perspective”.

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  2. mgminer

    My sister calls this the joy of “tangible results.” When so much of our work is in our heads and can’t be seen, it’s so satisfying to be able to actually see, touch, or smell the results of our work. You may have just motivated me to do some vacuuming!

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  3. Darin Johnston

    There’s something to be said about a job well done. Laundry, dishes, and other household chores are a pain, but having things done do give one a sense of joy! However, I can imagine the head-shaking going on as you compiled this list! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this spotless list with us! 🙂

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  4. Tracy Vogelgesang

    The older I get, the more I find that appreciate those things, too. One of the most soothing (yet rare) tasks for me is ironing. I seldom have a reason to iron, but when I do I find it so peaceful and calming. I love your perspective about housework.

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