Currently… #sol21

Currently, I am…

Reading…The Daughters of Yalta The Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans: A Story of Love and War. I started this late last night and didn’t want to put it down.

Drinking…Water. I’m trying to get back into the habit of drinking more water. I’ve been drinking a lot of diet soda and tea and need to do better.

Eating…Nothing right now, but I’m thinking about the leftover pizza in the fridge. I love cold pizza!

Thinking about…what to get Mike for his birthday next week.

Dreaming about…taking an afternoon nap.

Planning to…sit on the deck and read.

Needing to…straighten up my home office.

Proud of…the progress that I’ve made with a writing project. I printed it all out yesterday and it actually looks like a book!

Excited about…the UVa baseball team heading to Omaha for the College World Series! Love watching these guys play!

3 thoughts on “Currently… #sol21

  1. britt

    Oohhh, I love cold pizza too!! Enjoy 🙂 Sitting on the deck and reading sounds like a dream right now.

    And how funny, I finally started working on organizing my home office!! I’ve been avoiding it for awhile, and it was daunting to even begin. I can tell it may be a long project… Good luck!


  2. Tracy Vogelgesang

    I felt such excitement when you said you printed your writing project and it looks like a book!!! That is thrilling, Jen. Good for you! By the way, having time to read for personal pleasure is magnificent. It may be one of the best things about summer!



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