Using An Air Framing Nailer #sol21

I used an air framing nailer for the first time on Saturday. My Mom wanted to use some scrap wood to make planters. My boyfriend, Mike, is a contractor and at the time was working on a mini pergola in Mom’s backyard and had a variety of tools around. He took pity on us when we went to get a regular hammer and nails and asked me if I wanted to try the air framing nailer. I said that I was game to try using it, so he gave me a tutorial on how to safely use this tool. He was so patient and never once “mansplained” using the nailer. He trusted me with this tool and I appreciated his whole approach.

I was a little nervous at first, but took my time and carefully followed Mike’s guidance. Mom trusted me and held the boards in place while I nailed them. Mike went back to the mini pergola and never once looked over my shoulder. Soon, Mom and I had three planters assembled. They need fresh paint, but other than that, they’re good to go!

I was pretty proud of myself for trying something that I’d never done before. Mike said that he was proud of me, too. His words of praise and encouragement meant so much to me!

Now I wonder if he needs some summer help:)

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