Reflecting #sol21

Five things that made me smile this week:

The turkey hanging out on the lane at M’s house (that’s a blog post in itself!) makes me laugh with some of his antics.

Listening to a fifth grader read texts that she wouldn’t have been able to read a year ago definitely made me smile.

M always makes me smile!

One of my friends always posts the sweetest pictures of her nine-month old and he always makes me smile.

Watching my Mom and grandmother open their Mother’s Day gifts.

4 Words To Describe My Week



Busy (it’s testing season)


3 Things I Plan To Do This Weekend



Clean out my very messy car

2 Things I Learned This Week

M built a lattice wall on my Mom’s deck over the weekend and I learned a lot while watching M.

Blue Bunny ice cream is sooooo good!

1 Goal For Next Week

Snack less and walk more!

3 thoughts on “Reflecting #sol21

  1. Darin Johnston

    Snack less? I hope so. I tend to eat my feeling which is why I’m looking more like the Stayfresh Marshmellow Man right now!

    I love the way this blog is laid out and may borrow it at some point!

    Thank you for sharing with us!



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