Thinking about procrastination #sol21

I’ve been thinking a lot about procrastination. I’ve been sitting here, trying to write. Sometimes, when the words aren’t flowing, I have to deal with procrastination. I decided to write about the different ways that I can procrastinate, especially because more than one applied to me this evening!

1. Social media is one of the top ways in which I can procrastinate. Before finishing this post, I checked out Facebook. Social media is such a rabbit hole!

2. I sometimes get something to eat, whether I’m really hungry or not. Right now, I’m thinking about a snack and contemplating what is in the snack cabinet.

3. I find something else to work on, even if it’s not high priority. I’ll even stop and pay bills as a way to procrastinate!

4. Sometimes I search for funny videos or memes. Then, I have to share my findings, especially with M. He and I always try to find the funniest videos and memes to share. We love to laugh over these things together.

5. I’ll open the puzzle app on my phone or iPad and or on a puzzle. I love this app and find it so relaxing!

6. I’ll sneak a peek (or more) at a book. I’ll tell myself just a few pages, but…

2 thoughts on “Thinking about procrastination #sol21

  1. Amanda Regan

    Social media is definitely the thing I go to when I procrastinate. Right now, I have 11 tabs open, and if I get stuck on what I’m working on or bored, escape is just a click away. Thank you for sharing such a relatable slice; it’s good to know I’m not alone!



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