Puzzled by my new interest in puzzles #sol21

I have never been a big fan of puzzles. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been interested in sitting down and assembling a puzzle. However, recently, while playing a game on my phone, a free Jigsaw Puzzle app was offered. For some unknown reason, I downloaded the app. I tapped on a puzzle and scrolled through the different choices that were available. There were some cute puzzles, especially those with dogs and cats. I chose a dog puzzle and started manipulating the puzzle pieces. Before too long, I had completed one puzzle and started another. There was something relaxing about only having to think about finding puzzle pieces that fit together. I was focused only on the task of creating the picture and nothing else. I also like working on the puzzles virtually. I don’t have to keep up with tiny pieces or keep the puzzle out on a table where I have to look at it constantly.

Since that day, about a week ago, I’ve opened the puzzle app whenever I’ve needed a break. I’ve completed about a half-dozen puzzles, ranging from 200-300 pieces. I don’t know if this is a long term habit, but for now, I’m enjoying this time putting puzzles together.

4 thoughts on “Puzzled by my new interest in puzzles #sol21

  1. Terje

    How wonderful that you have discovered something new that you enjoy. Using an app is so convenient – you can take the puzzles with you anywhere.


  2. Christine

    Puzzle making can be addicting for sure – but so good for the mind and soul. I have been re-invigorated with real puzzles during the pandemic and see it as a big escape. I bought a puzzle mat this winter so that I can roll up the puzzle when I don’t want to look at it or need the coffee table for something else.
    Its great to have a distraction


  3. sallydonnelly11

    It sounds like you have found a relaxing task!! Something we all need as this new year begins.
    We received a real jigsaw puzzle as a Christmas gift. They image is of ocean fishs as the gift giver knows we like to go snorkeling.
    Since I’m stuck at home for now, your piece reminds me to get started on this puzzle!
    Happy Year Year!!



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