Cookie Dough #sol20

I know that I’m not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, at least intellectually. However, my taste buds just cannot resist a heaping spoonful of cookie dough. My students and I read an article about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough and my grandmother regularly reminds me that I shouldn’t eat this, but I just cannot help myself. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter…it doesn’t matter the type, if it’s cookie dough, I’m going to want to eat it.

This evening, my Mom baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. As soon as I saw her start to assemble the ingredients, my mouth began to water. I struggled to wait for her to finish mixing the ingredients before grabbing a spoon and helping myself (I didn’t double dip:) Mom runs a tight cookie baking ship!) and scooting off to sit by the Christmas tree to enjoy my treat. While I love Mom’s cookies, especially when they’re straight from the oven, there is just something about the raw cookie dough. One little spoonful just isn’t enough (at least in my opinion). Sometimes, I even think that I like the dough better!

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