Guess who came to dinner! #sol20

M and I were sitting at the dining room table, enjoying a delicious steak and baked potato. We were chatting about the day and enjoying the time together when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. I glanced over at the sliding glass door and there was a possum looking at us. His little paw was on the glass and I could just imagine him saying, “Please let me in!”

I grabbed my camera, but the picture just doesn’t do justice. The little possum stayed at the door for several minutes, this pleading look on his face. He sniffed around the edge of the door and stayed up against the glass. I really think that he’d have come on in and joined us at the table!

3 thoughts on “Guess who came to dinner! #sol20

  1. Lainie Levin

    Oh, my goodness! That’s quite the dinner guest. You know, it’s funny – I wrote about a nature encounter today too. You were the lucky one – you got a photo!


  2. Darin Johnston

    It’s all about timing, isn’t it? We tend to relocate possums away from our place (live traps) because they enjoy snacking with the cats, and we just don’t need that in our lives! 🙂

    That little guy looks like he’d come in and join your family!



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