Thinking about joy #sol20

The day is almost over. I’ve been working on school stuff and finally finished the last thing I needed to do in preparation for tomorrow’s Google Meets. I almost forgot to blog!

I decided that I needed to remind myself of all of the things that brought me joy in 2020. My friend Jen Laffin at Teach Write has a challenge for the month of December that focuses on those things that were joyful in 2020 (#JOYSOF2020), so I thought I’d get started by thinking about five things that brought me joy this year.

  1. My significant other and I celebrated one year at the beginning of June. M has definitely brought so much joy to my life and is such a blessing!
  2. I’ve been able to spend quality time with my Mom and grandmother while staying at home. I have cherished this time with them and that time has been priceless!
  3. The Teach Write group brings me joy every time I log on for one of our writing sessions. These teacher-writers inspire and encourage me and I cannot imagine my writing life without them.
  4. I’ve tried new teaching methods, and not all are related to technology or online instruction. I love learning new ways to help my students
  5. Serving on the Virginia State Literacy Association Board of Directors always brings me joy. I love working with other educators who are also passionate about literacy!

So, while 2020 has been a challenging year, there have been joyful times. Now, I want to continue this line of thinking and add to this initial list! What brought you joy during this year?

2 thoughts on “Thinking about joy #sol20

  1. rdicarne

    I am participating in that challenge too! I loved Jennifer’s idea to go back and look at your pictures to find joy. Once I started looking, I just kept smiling at all the things that brought me joy. I can’t tell you how many included my grandkids who I am desperately missing now that I am back to school in person. Let’s keep looking for that joy!


  2. Terje

    Finding joy helps to build resilience. Reading that you have had a chance to spend time with mom and grandmother brought warmth to my heart. This is so special. Your other sources of joy are fabulous too.



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