#Gratiku #sol20

Writer’s block struck today! I started several posts, but nothing made it past a second sentence. I’ve been writing #gratiku (haiku focused on gratitude) with my Teach Write friends and started playing around with that format to get me out of this temporary writing rut. I am grateful for the start of the college basketball season (my Wahoos play tomorrow!), a forgotten Hershey bar stashed away in my classroom, the book waiting for me at home, an even my foe, writer’s block!

basketball season

starting for the Cavaliers

ready to cheer them!

writer’s block doesn’t

make me falter but pushes

me to be focused

the promise of a

new book, waiting on my desk

for my attention

Forgotten Hershey

bar in the cabinet means

unexpected snack

5 thoughts on “#Gratiku #sol20

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    Living near Hershey, PA, there’s chocolate everywhere. (Think Kisses and Hershey’s Miniatures.) I often stash an extra piece or two in a pocket or in my purse, which lands up being an unexpected surprise in the future — much like your forgotten Hershey bar. 🙂

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