Thinking About Exercise #sol20

I don’t like exercise. I would like to avoid exercise. I don’t like getting sweaty. I’m also a very uncoordinated person, which makes exercising even less enjoyable. I would much rather sit in a comfy chair reading a good book. However, a diabetes diagnosis and a history of heart disease in my family means that I have had to come to terms with the need for exercise.

For a long time, I walked on the treadmill. I listened to audiobooks, podcasts, and music. It wasn’t the most enjoyable part of the day, but I did it…at least until earlier in the year. I fell off the exercise wagon, and while my A1c didn’t suffer, I did gain some weight.

I struggled, though, to get on the treadmill, even though I just had to walk downstairs and hop on. I found so many excuses not to walk or I’d walk a day here and a day there, but not enough to be beneficial.

I wondered if I simply needed a change in routine, but didn’t really know what else to do. You see, doing any kind of formal exercise routine was intimidating. I never could follow the moves, was always steps behind, and just couldn’t keep up. I saw all of these exercise commercials and didn’t think that any of them could help me.

Then, one night a couple of weeks ago, when scrolling through YouTube, I discovered a video for a Beginner 1-mile walk. As I watched the video, I tentatively thought, “I might be able to do this.” I cleared a space in my office and set up the computer with the video. The moves were simple, so I could do them and not go crashing into any furniture. The fifteen minutes seemed to fly by and at the end, I felt okay!

Since that initial workout, I’ve used the video nearly every day and while I don’t know that it’s affected my weight (yet), I have felt better about exercising because I felt successful with the simple exercise routine. Maybe this video workout was just what I needed to get out of the exercise rut!

10 thoughts on “Thinking About Exercise #sol20

  1. glenda funk

    I totally understand your exercise aversion. I’m a klutz and very uncoordinated. I started exercising regularly only after becoming an adult. Now I rarely miss a day working out and require myself to work out at least 30 minutes. I’ve had a gym membership for years, but the past few years have transitioned to home workouts. I recently bought a spin bike and love it. I also like the Pelaton app, as well as DownDog for yoga and bar. I struggle to begin my daily exercise but am always glad I’ve worked out. Still, like you my A1C us high. I’m not on medications—yet, but diabetes is rampant in my family. My father had type 1. I’m definitely checking out the walking videos on YouTube.

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  2. Ramona

    Exercise, I’m struggling since it’s fall and the days are shorter. For some reason I can’t get my exercise ring closed when I’m on the treadmill. So I’m still doing my best to get outside, even if it means I’m wearing the flashing harness some nights.

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  3. Maureen Ingram

    This is really how it begins – “I have felt better about exercising because I felt successful with the simple exercise routine.” I hope you keep on…an exercise program is so hard to get into and so good for us in so many ways.

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  4. Darin Johnston

    Simple is good. Simple creates the habits that you need to grow stronger. Then, you may step outside of your comfort zone a bit, but the simple routines are the best ones to go with right now.

    Do you mind sharing the YouTube link? I need simple right now too! 🙂

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