Voting with Mom #sol20

It’s a cold Tuesday morning and it would be nice to stay in bed for an extra ten or fifteen minutes. But this morning, I had something to do: voting with Mom. This is something I look forward to doing every year! This is definitely a special mother-daughter activity. We started this tradition in 2016. That election was the first time Mom voted and on that day, we went together. From then on, we’ve made a date to go vote together. We always go early in the morning before I go to school. We traveled the short distance to the church that is our polling place. Normally, there are maybe one or two other people voting, but the activity was brisk today. I was especially pleased with the safety protections in place. I saw lots of sanitizing and carefully planned steps to ensure that we were all protected. We cast our ballots and proudly placed our stickers on before heading out into the chilly morning. As we shivered and waited for the car to warm up, I felt so grateful that I was able to share this experience with my Mom. I’ll always remember exercising our right to vote together!

#gratiku #teachwrite

2 thoughts on “Voting with Mom #sol20

  1. glenda funk

    This is a lovely, patriotic tradition. I generally experience voting as a solitary activity. Back in 1972 I marked my dad’s ballot for him. That was a special moment. This year our votes feel more important than ever.

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