Sights on an evening ride #sol20

My grandmother enjoys going out for rides in the evening. I also love taking rides as it always relaxes me, especially after a long, busy day. So, my grandmother, my Mom, and I piled into the car after dinner and took a ride through town. As we cruised through one of the subdivisions in town, we started to notice deer everywhere. In the front yard of one house, we saw a dozen deer. Just down the street, we saw several more grazing under a tree. Then, we saw this lone buck. I had to stop the car, roll down the window and snap a picture. The buck seemed perfectly content to pose for several photos and didn’t seem too concerned about the three women in the car.

What’s even funnier is that at the exact same time, my significant other was in the woods on an evening hunt and he didn’t see anything like this!

3 thoughts on “Sights on an evening ride #sol20

  1. Marina Rodriguez

    What a beautiful photo! He almost seems to know that he’s being admired from a far. That’s almost as funny as your significant other not having witnessed what you had the opportunity to photograph.


  2. Ramona

    I used to love spotting deer in our neighborhood, until they ate all my day lily and geranium blossoms.
    I saw one on the road on my Monday walk. He bounded across the road and leaped up a hillside just in front of me. They are so graceful!

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