Out of the mouths of babes! #sol20

I really didn’t know what to title today’s slice:)

I’ve been using my phone as a document camera. I have a wireless connection between my computer and my projector, but my very old document camera isn’t meeting my needs. When I first set up the connection, my webcam picks up whatever is in front of it, which is always me. I hate this because my face seems to fill up the screen and my whiteboard until the computer starts talking to my phone. It’s not a good look.

I thought that the kids were used to this process, at least the ones who are in my room when I first start this set-up. I was wrong. Very wrong.

M is one of my favorite kids. I’ve had him for three years and his work ethic is amazing. He’s one of those kids that you look forward to every day. He’s my first student of the day, and working with him is a great way to begin each day.

However, today, as I was connecting the projector, computer, and “document camera,” M looked at me very seriously and said, “Why does it look at you all the time? It kinda creeps me.”

I glanced at the board and silently agreed with M. Maybe I just need to start scooting over out of the webcam’s range so that I don’t take over the screen. Maybe on those days when I need the “document camera” I’ll set it up extra early before any kids are around. Then, nobody, including myself, will be “creeped out.”

3 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes! #sol20

  1. Maureen Ingram

    This is funny – and, really, an opening for some creative new approach…wonder if you could slip an index card with a “message of the day” between you and the camera, as you are setting up, a fun motto or something for them to think about? Maybe a funny picture? Turn this annoyance into another moment of learning? It’s an engineering problem to solve!


  2. Darin Johnston

    This sounds like so many of my sixth graders! We have some monitoring software that we use, just to make sure everyone is on task, and in showing them that software, they were worried we’d be “creeping” on them. It made me giggle.

    Thanks for the slice today! I think the title fits the slice just perfectly! 🙂



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