Celebrations #sol20

I wrote earlier this morning, not thinking about it being Tuesday. I’m not sure what day I thought it was:) Thankfully, my Mom and grandmother both knew the day of the week and since they know that I blog every Tuesday, they reminded me that I needed to compose my slice. I’m so glad that they knew the day of the week!

I thought that I’d write about some celebrations today. I think that it’s important to focus on celebrations, no matter how large or small they are, especially in the current climate.

This morning, I received the results from yesterday’s blood work and my A1C is still below 6!

I celebrated my Mom’s birthday and feel so blessed when I spend time with her!

I have written every day for #teachwritetober! I’ve been writing a lot in the mornings. I celebrate the Teach Write group and Jen Laffin for encouraging and supporting me on my writing journey.

We had a Shenandoah Valley Reading Chapter board meeting last night and it was so nice to connect with this group, even if it was virtual. I’ve known most of these educators for several years and they’ve become dear friends. I love how passionate they are about all things literacy and celebrate the friendships and the time I’ve spent with them.

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