Google Meet with a first grader #sol20

I love first graders! I had the best Google Meet with a first grader today. I’m currently administering a virtual literacy assessment and H was one of the students on my list. I remember him as a toddler during a parent conference and he’s just as precocious as he was then:)

After we started the spelling portion of the assessment, I asked H how he spelled the first word. H promptly replied, “I sounded it out.” I realized that I needed to rephrase my question so that he would tell me the letters he used to spell the words.

Then, he looked outside and noticed that it was raining hard. He said, “You should go home because it’s raining hard.” I looked out the window and was surprised how hard it was raining. Of all days for my umbrella to be in the back of my car!

I also met H’s cat, who didn’t appear to be too excited about our test. It was particularly timely because H just read a story about a cat that didn’t like to do anything but eat.

Then, at the end of our session, before we signed off, H said, “I love you!” First graders really are the best!

4 thoughts on “Google Meet with a first grader #sol20

  1. Jackie Higgins

    So sweet! I do love first graders… though my 5th grade boys were pretty sweet in my zoom reading class today. They were telling me about all of their inventions. I told them they really do have such innovative ideas. I can’t wait to see where this takes them. I asked them to never forget their old reading teacher and one said, “I”ll never forget you!” and the other, “You’ll always have a place in my heart!” I think kids are so craved for interaction right now that spending a moment listening to them….even if it is in an assessment conference, means the world to them!



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