In the moment #sol20


The Teach Write monthly challenge encourages writers to choose something and capture the moment.  Today, I chose to be in the moment and I hope you will, too.  To participate, you can click here.

The American flag over the whiteboard flutters from the puff of air from the overhead vent.  I hear the HVAC unit hum, but the room is only somewhat comfortable.  Everything else is quiet until I shift slightly, causing my chair to creak.  I’m sitting at my desk by the windows, but the light is blocked by the shades.  A breeze must be blowing outside because I can see the plants in the courtyard swaying slightly.  The swing at the far end of the courtyard looks so inviting.  I want to take my cup of tea and a book and go sit and swing and not think about anything.

The clicking of the keys are the only other sound.  The keys are smooth to the touch.  I grasp the mouse to move the cursor.  I like this mouse because it fits my hand.  I click once, twice, then back to the keyboard.

From the hallway, I hear someone’s voice.  The building has been so quiet because people went out to pick up lunch.  I’m sure that I’ll find stray bits of the salad I ate for lunch under my desk-I always seem to drop something when I eat at my desk.  I keep putting off my search for random bits of food, but I know I need to do it.

My phone dings.  Once, twice.  I meant to silence it after lunch as I worked on lessons and activities.

The side door slammed shut.  Someone’s walking down the hall.  For a brief moment, things sounded normal (or six months ago normal).  Then, silence again.



3 thoughts on “In the moment #sol20

  1. MegMcCormick

    Wow! What a mindful moment you captured in a beautiful way! I loved the line, “Everything else is quiet until I shift slightly, causing my chair to creak.” I am going to investigate this challenge!


  2. mgminer

    Your description of school reminds me of the eerie feeling I had packing up in June. There were only 6 people in the whole school building. You expect to hear children, laughter, hallway chatter, and papers shuffling. I hope you have a good year and can take a moment sometime to take your tea out to that swing and just be.



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