What Day Is It? #sol20

I’ve been struggling to differentiate one day from another, particularly since the start of the pandemic. I consistently lose track of the day and have joked that I need to put a whiteboard up here at home with the date just like I did at school.

Today, I worked on assignments for an online class and spent some time relaxing with a book. The day was quiet, yet pleasant. I had dinner with my family. After dinner, I retreated to my recliner in the den, prepared to continue reading. I don’t know what made me think of the day of the week, but something was said about Tuesday and everything suddenly clicked. I shot up out of my chair and said, “It’s Tuesday! I have to blog!” It had not occurred to me that today was Tuesday. I had gone all day without even thinking about the day of the week. Maybe that whiteboard is a good idea! But, who is going to change the date every day? Someone else would have to be in charge of it!

3 thoughts on “What Day Is It? #sol20

  1. Jan

    This is so funny, Jennifer. I think a lot of us are having this problem. I actually write the next day’s day and date on the refrigerator every night as if I am teaching first grade: “Today is Tuesday, July 14, 2020.” Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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  2. Katina

    LOL! This happens to me. It was not too crucial when nothing was going on, but as things slowly open back up, I’ve had to come up with a plan. I keep a calendar next to my E-Z chair. It’s small, one of those that comes with your previous or future contribution to some cause or another. I write down things like Slice of Life, and other “must-dos. I also cross out the day every evening. In this way I can comfortably relax into watercolor or some other enjoyable task if I don’t have something pressing to do. Glad you did not miss the Slice of Life post!



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