Relaxing Country Roads #sol20

I’ve been going on a lot of rides lately. Earlier this evening, we headed out after supper and cruised around on the county’s country roads. We actually put about 50 miles on the car before pulling back into the driveway. I love these drives because not only do I have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside, but I relax so much during the drives. Any worries or concerns seem to evaporate on these journeys. The picture below is from this evening’s trip.

Over the weekend, M and I also took a trip around the countryside on a genealogy field trip. We explored several cemeteries and I snapped a couple of photos of the surroundings in between searching for tombstones. As I enjoyed the peace and beauty of my county, I felt so relaxed and peaceful. The pictures below were taken on Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Relaxing Country Roads #sol20

  1. Debbie Lynn

    Beautiful photos. What a nice way to destress. Your story reminded me of when I was a kid. My dad used to love to take long drives, of which we’d often do on Sundays. Thank you for sparking good memories. 😀


  2. cmargocs

    I have been taking weekly road trips, too; the last one racked up 203 miles and took 5.5 hours, winding down farm roads–some unpaved!–and taking in the views of the Texas Hill Country, which looks a lot like your photos!



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