Currently #sol20

This has been one of those days. Between Zoom meetings and working on an online class, time has flown by and I realized that it was Tuesday and I almost forgot to draft a slice. So, I’m relying on a favorite prompt tonight.

Currently, I am…

Thinking about…an evening snack.

Listening to…my stomach growling.

Reading…a book about genealogy research.

Dreaming about…the day when the pandemic is over.


Excited about…the genealogy research that M and I are working on together.

Planning…to visit a few cemeteries for genealogy research.

Grateful for…my family.

3 thoughts on “Currently #sol20

  1. Marina Rodriguez

    Great strategy! Glad it worked for your post today. I will have to try it out myself. I hope you get some rest, something to eat, and continue on with the genealogy research. It sounds like you are enjoying it.


  2. Elisabeth Ellington

    I always enjoy a “Currently” slice! I was just looking at headlines about the largest single-day Covid spike since the pandemic began and feeling really depressed about the possibility of this ever being over…..


  3. cmargocs

    An interesting–and busy–personal current events list! I have been successfully avoiding online learning after three months of online teaching and conferring, but alas, the webinars beckon, and they are pencilled into my July calendar. Good luck with your genealogical searching!



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