Bob the Bear #sol20

I’ve written several posts about the animals that live around my significant other’s house. There’s Olie the possum (who just returned after an absence and will probably be the topic of a future post), Roscoe the Raccoon (he showed up one evening on the back deck), a number of deer (I haven’t named them yet), cows, and a bunch of rabbits. Last weekend, Bob the bear made another appearance (although this was the first time I’d actually seen him).

Bob has a reputation in M’s small neighborhood. He’s gotten into the neighbor’s trash and even their car one night. Right after M purchased a new grill this spring, Bob turned it over, messing up the propane tank and the connector between the tank and the grill. We have to be so careful about not leaving anything outside because of Bob.

Sunday, we were sitting at the dining room table and when I glanced outside, I saw a bear cruising through the backyard, just feet from the end of the deck. I couldn’t say anything and could only point a finger. M turned and looked to see what captured my attention and jumped from his chair. He slid open the door and started shouting. The bear lumbered a long a little faster, but I don’t think that Bob was capable of moving too quickly. He finally crossed over into the field behind M’s house and disappeared. I was worried because that section is where the deer usually hang out. We didn’t see the deer for the rest of the evening, so I imagine they were avoiding Bob. After coming face-to-face with Bob, I think it’s a good idea to do the same!

4 thoughts on “Bob the Bear #sol20

  1. Katina

    How neat that you get to see real wild animals! It’s also a little bit scary. I have a variety of birds that come to my bird feeder and one plump little mouse. Maybe I’ll name him and write about him next!


  2. mythmakersunite

    Whoa! That would freak me out. I would bring bear spray with me wherever I went all the time. I wonder though, if the more I dealt with bears the less afraid I would be. Maybe that’s what will happen for you. Stay safe!


  3. Marina Rodriguez

    Wow. I’d be quite terrified at the sight of him. I hope you will see deer again. They might be a good way to know the coast is clear.



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